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Knitted/Woven fabric hybrid unit


The PRIALTEX hybrid sanforizing unit allows to process both knitted and woven fabric with the same machine.

It is characterized by bigger steaming and calender cylinders and it allows a wider fabric tension regulation.

Many different configurations are available; the one described below can be considered the basic option and includes:

• Entry with axial unwinder and long stroke dancing roller.

• Feeding roller and J-box accumulator.

• Bar-brake, motorised spreaders, centring unit.

• 680mm diameter steaming cylinder.

• Rubber belt compacting unit with double introduction for woven and knitted fabric.

• 1000mm diameter felt calender 

• Cooling roller.

• Customizable output.    

The rubber belt compacting unitis is the machine heart. It comes in a strong carbon steel frame. The 610mm diameter main cylinder is made with a turned, rectified, chromed and polished thick pipe; this cylinder is steam heated up to a pressure of 6bar (test pressure 9bar) ​​and is PED certified. Three rectified, chromed and polished idle rollers support the rubber belt and allow its tension and compression. Two pneumatically moved squeezing rollers  remove the water excess from the belt surface. The sleeve compression and the tensioning are carried out by means of motor-jacks. The group is also equipped with drip burners, spray pipes for rubber belt cooling, slides and stainless steel tank for water collect; the sleeve grinding is carried out by means of a dynamically balanced roller.  
The steaming cylinder and felt calender are positioned above the rubber belt group. The steaming roller is steam heated (PED certified). The humidification steam is reduced and is subsequently pushed outside through a special net until it reaches the fabric in an absolutely uniform way. A load cell ensures synchronism between the steaming cylinder motor and the rubber belt one.
The felt calender is equipped with a steam heated cylinder (PED certified); the felt is supported by chromed rollers and is pneumatically tensioned and centered. The fabric is introduced into the calender by a motorized spreader roller and a curved bar. Two load cells grant the synchronism of the calender motor with the previous and the following ones.  
All motors are three-phase inverter controlled


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