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PM tentering unit

The PM type woven fabric tentering unit can be manufactured with different length and with one, two or three sections; for example the following standard models are available: 1,6m - 2m - 2,2m - 2,4m - 3m - 4m - 4+2m - 4+4+2m.
This machine it is suitable to run with 120mm clips chain, sliding over special graphite profiles and without lubrication need. For small machines, it is also possible to use a small bronze clips chain (50,2mm chain) but in this case lubrication is needed. The right chain tensioning is achieved by means of cup springs. Sections movements are motorized and limited by switches. According to the specific machine use, the fabric introduction can be done by means of idle rollers, bracked rollers or slow-turning cylinders. Selvedge control can be done with photocells (running in digital or analogic way) or with mechanical feeler. The tentering unit can be placed over rails in order to move it and simplify fabric feeding and maintenance operations (tipical configuration in sanforizing ranges). At the unit exit can be integrated a motorized pulling roller (also this configuration, is tipical in sanforizing machines to assure an uniform fabric tension at rubber belt introduction).