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P-ST After printing steamer



The PRIALTEX after-printing steamers production range is divided into two large families according to the transport chain used: 2" or 3“.

For each family several fabric capacities are available (140m-260m-380m-500m for 2” chain; 110m-190m-280m-360m for 3” one).

Furthermore, several other options are available on request. Entry and exit can be completely personalized in accordance with customer needs.

The reaction chamber is AISI304 stainless steel made to ensure a machine longer life and decrease maintenance costs. 80mm thick rock wool panels ensure isolation of the structure. The machine roof is also heated to prevent water drops. 

The fabric crosses the inlet hood and fall on a stick starting to make the first loop. A steam spray bar is installed for a better loop formation. Loop length is adjustable between 60-250cm. Loops are held by sticks and moved inside the chamber by the primary chain. A laser sensor control keeps constant fabric content in the steaming chamber. Sticks are made in stainless steel and covered with fiberglass sock; they are moved inside the chamber by the secondary chain. Chains are automatically lubricated. 

Two different loops distance are always available: The distance between the printed sides of the fabric is 61mm in case of 2” chain and 99mm in case of 3” chain for the narrowest loop. As far as the widest loop goes the distance is 162mm in case of 2” chain and 251mm for 3” one. The loop interval can be changed directly from the touch screen and there is no need to cool down the machine before proceeding. When widest loops are used, half of the sticks are stored in a special patented warehouse chain.

The steam arrivives from the boiler comes into the chamber through special stainless steel boxes, with soft water inside. The steam passage into the water box, assures the best saturated steam conditions; a circulation fan pushes the saturated steam into the chamber. The number of the water boxes and the steam recirculation fans depends on the machine capacity (one on LHS and another one on RHS for each steaming chamber). Special nozzles for water and steam injection are installed on each ventilation channel, in order to humidify steam and reduce its temperature. Steam or air can be used alternatively to atomize the water. In case of HT (High Temperature) & HA (Hot Air), several different heating systems can be installed; natural gas burners, thermal oil or steam exchangers and electrical heater (ATTENTION: one heater on LHS and one on RHS for each steaming chamber is installed).

A pneumatic valve controlled by a steam flowmeter is provided to keep constant steam flow. PT100 probes control working temperature.


Here below some options that can be required:

Straight passage (patented system).

To avoid defects, some digital printed fabric can’t form loops not even using the widest distance between printed faces: for these articles the straight passage on the top of the machine can be used. To reach the required dwell time, the fabric in the straight passage, naturally, has a very slow speed but it can be treated simultaneously with a second fabric worked in a traditional way (in loops). In this way each of the two processes takes place at its own speed without therefore penalizing the production capacity of the machinery. The only constraint is that the two fabrics (straight passage and loop) have the same ink fixing temperature.

•Stick rotation speed adjusting system.

•Drying cylinder at machine exit.

•Cooling device at the machine exit




Max fabric  capacity (2’’ chain)

140 – 260 – 380 – 500  m

Max fabric  capacity (3’’ chain)

 110 – 190 – 280 – 360  m

Roller width

2200 – 2800 – 3600 mm

Fabric width

1800 – 2400 – 3200 mm

Min-Max fabric weight

70 – 700 g / m2  

Min-Max length of the adjustable loop

60 – 250 cm

Mechanical speed

4-80 m/min

Dwell time

4-65 min.

Super heating system

Thermal Oil / Natural gas / Steam / Electrical 

Saturated steam working temperature

102 – 104 °C

Super-heated steam working temperature

160 – 180 °C

Hot air working temperature

150 – 190 °C 


Inverter controlled 3ph-motors




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