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The DGF drier is a modular machine: it is possible to realize a single drying chamber 3m or 4m long but it is also possible to use more chambers in order to achieve a longer drier (6m, 7m, 8m, etc). The machine is installed over a carpentry basement: the basement dimensions change according to the printing carpet height.

The fabric is detached from the printing carpet by a conveyor and crosses the drier. A special photocell transforms the intermittent movement of the carpet in a continuous movement of the conveyor. A traction roller extracts fabric from the drier: if the single passage mode is used the fabric is extracted at the end of the conveyor belt, otherwise it stays inside drier for two extra-passages over rollers. Standard exit includes an axial winder and a plaiter. Please note that in case of single passage, it is possible to directly roll the fabric without touching the printed surface.

The DGF dryer has a special recirculating air system directly derived from our coating machines. This system ensures perfect symmetry in drying even in the case of a single drying chamber. A pair of fans distributes hot air on either side of the drying chamber both above and below the first passage of the fabric.

The base machine can then be integrated with various accessories according to customer requirements: 

• Special double suction hoods to remove any residual smoke (especially recommended for polyester fabric high-temperature drying).

• Upper blower lifting system to change the air velocity on the fabric without changing its flow rate and therefore without jamming the recirculation (especially recommended for very light fabric).

• Heat exchanger placed on the drier roof; It is able to recover heat from exhaust air to produce hot water to be used for printing carpet washing unit and improving its effectiveness




Standard length

3m – 4m – 6m – 7m – 8m – 9m

Roller width

2000 – 2800 mm

Fabric width

1800 – 2600 mm

Heating system

Direct gas burner - Diatermic oil / steam exchangers

TMax working temperature

215 °C

Max exhaust flow

30% of circulating air

Installed thermal power

150kW for 3m chamber

250kW for 4m chamber


Inverter controlled 3ph motors





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